Friday 23 March 2018

Contributor Guidelines

1. Writing Style

Unlike academic pieces, a blog can be more informal and the target audience is often broader than that of a journal publication. Aim to make your writing as accessible as possible, avoiding jargon or specialist language.

It is vital to hook and excite the reader from the start. The first paragraph should stimulate interest. 

2. Referencing

All blogs should be academically grounded and supported by evidence. Referencing within the text should be done using hyperlinks to the online source. If possible, also use evidence that is open access or available through an online repository (such as 

3. Word Count

Blog pieces have to be short and sharp and therefore the word count is between 600 and 800 words. 

4. Multimedia

We encourage the use of media, such as images or YouTube content. Please ensure that any pictures used are open access or your own. 

5. Author Biography

Please accompany your piece with a two-line biography on your background, interests and institution. Additionally, please provide your email and any links you would like publicised (such as personal website and Twitter handle). 

6. Dissemination

We aim to disseminate all blogs through the @SocresOnline Twitter account. Please do make us aware of any other Twitter handles that you would like included (such as organisation, faculty and department). 

7. How to Submit

Please submit your blog in a Microsoft Word format (.doc, .docx) to the Editorial Office:

8. Current Themes

The SRO blog has a range of themes that we ask authors to write about. 

Current theme: ‘The Sociological Inspiration

This series offers reflections, from scholars of all career stages, on 2-3 papers from Sociological Research Online that have inspired, motivated or informed their own thinking and research. Up to two papers from other British Sociological Association Journals may also be included.

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